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Buell XB 12 2008 - 2010 Torque Hammer exhaust

21-11-2011 - This article is for the 2008 untill 2010 XB12 models with the stock headers and our Torque Hammer and K&N filter




Update 21-10-2010:

This is a 2010 XB12 Buell with a lot of mileage on the stock ECM with the stock exhaust. Here is our own Torque Hammer build under a 2010 XB12 with stock headers and K&N filter I just finished the fuelmap for it.



It makes 86,8 HP and 108 NM of Torque SAE corrected and made by us in our dyno room.. Yes that is lower then the 2008 and 2009 model.

The fuelmap is beautiful. It runs like a kitten.

This slip-on is made to fit directly to the stock header and go's with a K&N air filter and our tune.

Here is the exhaust: 2010 XB12

And the K&N Filter

And our Tune: 2010 complete ECM with Tune

The exhaust comes with a spoiler mount kit, to fit the rear spoiler.

When you don't want the spoiler it looks like this without spoiler

It also comes with a db-killer and with 2 unbreakable straps.

This exhaust will not need to be refilled, because it cannot burn out (-:

look here for mounting instuctions



Update 27-10-2010:

Keep in mind that every exhaust change needs a 200% fitting fuelmap. Don't believe the english or german forum where they say it is oke becuase it is not.

Today i finished a Buell 2008 XB12 SCG. This bike runs in our shop from the beginning, and is tuned on a very low mileage already. You can see that it still makes a lot of power and the engine condition is very good. That is what happends when you take care of your biek in a early stage with fuel.

It makes with the stock header, K&N filter and our Torque Hammer slip-on and our tune 111 NM of Torque and 92 HP.

This is a nice combo, slip-on, K&N and Torque Hammer exhaust with our famous tune. It runs beautiful. And Life time Guarantee on the fuelmap for free updates.