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UPDATE 4-12-2009 Stage 1 KIT TM XB12

30-11-2015 - This topic is all about tuning in stage 1 a 2008 and 2009-2010 Buell XB12 model with the stock ECM. The bike makes stock 85 HP and 99 NM of Torque on the rear wheel. When I am finished it will make 98 HP and 106 NM of Torque on the rear wheel.

Here is a nice movie for the sound from a French customer

The bike had done has done 2365 km and is bone stock when the customer delivered it.

- stock ECM

- stock exhaust

- stock airfilter

- stock headers

We first made the 2 holes in the headers, for the 02 sensors to measure the AF.

Then we put the stock bike on the dyno to see what's going wrong (in our opinion) and how much torque and HP the bike is making.

IHere is a run on 10% throttle opening, see how poor the stock bike is running: My goal on the dyno is between 13.5 - and 14 AF, for a good running bike. The first graph is always the amount of HP and Torque. The second graph is the amount of AF/Ratio. There are 2 lines, the front and rear cylinder.

All the runs below are made at the same engine temp, 170C.

Here is a run on 25% throttle opening, you see the problem on 4500 RPM.

Here is a run on 50% throttle opening, again lean on 4500 RPM.

Here is a run on 69% throttle opening:, again problems on 2500 RPM running lean and 4500 RPM running lean.

Here is a run on 100% throttle opening full throttle: The rear cylinder is lean on 2000 RPM, front is lean on 5500 RPM, and really rich on 3500 RPM on front and rear. The bike makes stock 85 HP and 99 NM of Torque on the rear wheel.

Then we took the bike off the dyno, and mounted the new stock 2007 XB headers. The biggest advance is that the hot air in the engine will have a better and quicker flow out of the engine. That also means less heat build up in the engine. And the bigger size will help me get the HP and Torque numbers, in combination with our own developed Torque Hammer exhaust we developed in our shop. The exhaust makes torque at 3000 RPM, the place where it should be when you ride a Buell. Here are a lot of exhaust manufactures making a big mistake, to make torque at 4500 RPM or higher.

On the picture below you see the dynos setup we call stage 1:

- K&N Performance air filter

- 2007 XB headers

- TM Torque Hammer exhaust


Ready for the dyno, I will post the coming days all the graphs.

Oke, the first day is over. I am still playing in the dyno with fuel, and spark and not finished with the bike yet. But you can see the results.

Here is a graph with 69% throttle, You can see very clear in this graph the amount of torque on 3000 RPM. It is already 102NM SAE Corrected.


Here is a 100% throttle, still playing with the fuel and timing. Later more news. 106 NM Torque and 96 HP SAE Corrected on the rear wheel. I keep the timing down on full throttle, It's a save way of tuning in my vision, I am not going for max torque and HP, but for a really strong pulling adjustment all the way. The bike rides smooth and strong. The customer will be very happy compared to the stock setup.


Today i finished the full throttle THE RESULTS 98.2 HP and 107 NM of TORQUE. See the dyno below for the result.


Here is a dyno sheet with the first run of the bike and the last run completly mapped. You can see that the stock exhaust Buell makes, is not really bad, actually, it is even better then some BIG aftermarket exhaust suppliers.


Here you see the AF of the stock ecm color is BLUE, and the mapped one, color is RED.


Below you find a example of 1 of my AF values. Here is 1 example I am working on with this bike just to give you a idea how it is going to be after the remap, be aware this is not finished, it's my coffee brake dyno to show you some of the work.


Oke, below you find the details of the package we offer.

Here are the details of the stage 1 tuning.

Stock 2009 XB       : 85 HP and 99 NM of Torque

STAGE 1 2009 XB : 98.2 HP and 106 NM of Torque.


Update 4-12-2009:

Today I finished the Buell 2008 XB12 from my French Friend Cedric from France. He bring the bike to our shop:

Here are the results as the normal Dyno tuners show it to you: 102.5 HP and 111 NM of Torque



And here is our SAE Corrected information: 98.8 HP and 107 NM opf Torque.