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The best TORQUE performance exhaust for your 1125

12-8-2010 - 03-04-2010 After a lot of dyno runs and testing and welding we did it. We made the best low end Torque performing exhaust for the Buell 1125R and 1125 CR in the world.

Hiiihaaaaaaaaaaaa, finally we did it....

After a long experiment we made our prototype 1125 exhaust, after testing a lot of different aftermarket exhaust, we now really did it.

We tested also different header setups, and different header length. And we made a slip-on, with an inner work that was removable to create the ultimate torque eater.

This exhaust uses no filling material. It uses 3 pressure chambers to get the right flow.

The sound is nice we have a movie also if it's not good we make a new one, it sounds like an other brand 2 cylinder (-;

it pulls directly 100NM of torque from 2000 RPM. until 9000 RPM and peak torque is between 5000 and 8000 RPM.

We are so happy with the results and all the testing work.

THE WEIGHT of the stock EURO exhaust is 10 kilo The TM exhaust is 6.5 kilo

A special thank to Martin my mate, for all the ideas about what to make and how.

I post the photo and movie later..

This is our prototype, and I hope we can soon ship the first exhaust. Off course we need some test drivers who race Joel; I send you an exhaust and a fuel map for testing.

Man we are happy.

Here are some pictures:

Oke here are the graphs.

The dyno runs are made under the same condition, with the same Buell 1125, With a fully programmable Buell Race ECM.

With the same AF values at WOT (wide open throttle)

Here is the TM exhaust (TM=Twin Motorcycles) compared with the SARON.

Here is the TM exhaust (TM=Twin Motorcycles) compared with the REMUS.


Here is the TM exhaust (TM=Twin Motorcycles) compared with the BUELL STOCK exhaust.

Here is the TM exhaust (TM=Twin Motorcycles) compared with all the other exhaust.


And here the difference between a Race ECM and the Stock ECM


07-11-2008: My first riding impression with the exhaust today:

Short story about my first impressions with the bike...

The sound is awesome, like a ducati. It's not too loud, we did a db test (off course) like they do on the circuit and it produced at 4000 RPM between 96 and 105 db. and this is the open version with no db-killer inside. We closed some holes when testing in the last chamber, whitout losing power. And the the exhaust is perfect for circuit racing here in Europe.

If you drive the bike there is a constant dark tone. Not too loud but exactly to feel and hear what the engine is doing.

The wetter is here like 12 celsius dry surface. I wheely the bike with no problem driving 90 km/ph in 3th gear. When I take a road to a industrial area and wheely in 1st gear, it pulled the complete rear wheel aside.

The bike has a perfect control in power. I first tried how hard it came in but the throttle response is perfect, there is a broad band of strong power in the complete RPM range. The bike feels like a winner and so strong, and pulls hard with no surprises. Man it was a joy spent 2 gasolines tank today. having fun by myself.

So now we are going to work on the design of the exhaust. Thanks for all the input so far. and drive naked (-;


WTF... Oke, I mounted my original ECM this morning, witch has NOT 1 reflash at all. so bone stock. And took the Bike to the dyno.


I made a WOT run, and couldn’t believe my eyes?. SO I mad a few others with different engine temps and I still cannot believe what i am seeing..


The only thing which I removed was the lamda and I am using a K&N filter...


The bike is running lean at around 3000 RMP but above 4000 RPM, it runs great (off course on the dyno)


This graph is with the same ECM, NO lamda, with the Buell stock Exhaust and our own developed TM exhaust.



16-11-2008: More testing, Here is a graph now with the Race ECM Blue line, and the stock ECM red line. I just mounted the stock ECM and mad a run on the dyno. This ECM has NO reflash at all.


After some long days, we are finished with testing: Now the exhaust can go in production.

Here are the latest results, after making a complete new set of headers and slipon, and we are 780 dynoruns firther:



Besides it was cold, slippery raining, we did what we can to shoot some movies.

I could't WOT in 3th and 4th gear, only wheel slip, this was too dangerous now so no wheely's.

We used a very small photo camera and there was a lot of wind. Later on more pictures and movies.

The exhaust is prototype II. Thursday the welding starts for the production versions.

I hope to ship them soon too Pete so he can make some people very happy.

The sound is great, not too loud but deep and dark. The performance is even better. The bike feels completely different and pulls very strong.

Later on it will be dry for 30 minutes and we will try again.

Some sound movies of the Prototype II:

black is much nicer than brushed Stainless



I finished the fuel map for the race ECM here are the results:

144 HP and 123 NM of torque sae corrected.


And here is it with the EBR Race ECM:


144 HP and 117 (84,05 lb-ft) NM of Torque.

update: 3-4-2010:

People asked me to post a graph where you can see the difference is between our Torque Hammer

and the Free Spirits slipon, oke Look down. The blue line is the Torque Hammer, The red one is the FS slip-on