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Buell XBRR Tuning

7-4-2008 - In this topic I will post the progress of tuning our Buell XBRR

This is our stock 2007 Buell XBRR.

The only thing we did is installing a starter engine and a slipper clutch. The Engine is running on 114 octane of Fuel.

The Bike comes with a standard Fuel map.

We made two 8mm holes in the exhaust header, and installed a lamda. for making a Fuel map for the front and the rear cylinder.

The software is completely new. It's from Kimball and I never worked with it before so this is taking some time.

After we did the heat cycles and checked the engine for oil leaks, we put her on the Dyno.

First bring the engine to a temperature of 120 C. Then i made some quick runs to see if I make it with the current injectors to get the WOT maps right.

After some small changes the bike went from 121 SAE RWHP to 144 RWHP. So this promise a lot.

Yesterday we had a oil leak on one of the oil hoses from the oil cooler. We fixed that and today I play again.

Here are some pictures later more news and pictures.

6th april 2008:

wow, I need this engine for my streetbike..

It's making wheely's in the 4th gear...

It took me 3 days (after receiving the latest software from Buell Racing to make the bike run good.

Because this engine has only 4 complete gas tanks of dyno and street miles I made the map on the save side, and very rich.

It's making 141 RWHP and on 142 NM of OF torque.

I need to remap the complete bike again, because at 3600 revs the fuell injectors are completly open from 60% TPS and higher and I need to make a enrichment over the complete fuel map to map it again. On the poorest area it's running A/F of 14. Wich is too poor from my opinion.

I mad a special home made air system to simulate high speed airintake.. The difference is big if I just uses the blower for engine cooling only..

Tonight we take her to the circuit and tomorrow we go and make the setup for the driver to make her ready for our first race in the Ducati clubrace... Try some different tyres and setups for the suspension.

I need to get the dyno posted later on.