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Developing Torque Hammer II for Buell 1125

9-6-2017 - Finally some time to test the THII prototype and finish it.

After we developed our Torque Hammer 1 for the Buell 1125 a long time ago, we build now Torque Hammer 2. Here is some old data from 2010

Progress: 8-20-2014



Oke my 2008 1125R test mule is in the dyno for the development of the Torque Hammer II. Keep in mind when we develop this exhaust:

- we don't use any refill materiall

- The exhaust is build with chambers and made to make Torque on low RPM.

- I also develop a exhaust to outlast the bike. Once you buy it no maintenance is needed.

- And yes i know design is not my strongest point. But first the HP and Torque.

- I also made a design when you cruise long distances the bike is quite.

- So you can race on any track without a problem.

- I also made a solution to use silencers to keep the bike quiet but do not have too much HP loss.


Later i post some dyno sheets we took the bike off the dyno for a little repair


Oke dyno is ready for today. 


What you can see and i repeat that again and again we build this exhaust to make Torque. AS you can see there i no torque dipand only climbing Torque 

exactly in the RPM area where you need it. I ended up for today at 137 HP and 109 NM of Torque. I know there is still 7 HP anmd 10 NM of Torque in the engine.

I redesign the inner part of the exhaust and go back to my dyno again to see what we achieved I keep you Buell 1125 riders updated.


Here is the end product so far for today.



And a idea how the complete picture looks like. I used my mobile phone not the best quality.



After we tested all setups and possibillity's with the old esign TH1 we forget the concept. as nice as it is it won't make the power iam looking for.

Now we have the 5th prototype of the TH2 no pictures yet but the power is there. We are looking for 143 RWHP 113 NM of Torque SAE corrected on the rear wheel. Last monday the exhaust manufacturer picked up the bike to make the final prototype

I think we can find some more torque i will be happy when we find around 120NM of Torque but let's see the results are great.



30-9-2014 The Bike is back with the Torque HAmmer 2 latest prototype Some more testing today to see what we gained. Testing will be done on 95 octane, smae bike as before same dyno operator and same engine temps.


9-10-2014 further testing:

Oke Dyno for the Buell 1125 Torque Hammer is finished. A nice flat Torque Curve that is the main reason we developed this exhaust not for the peak horse power and it should be a drivable exhaust sound wise and a 140 RWHP and 113 NM of Torque SAE corrected on the rear wheel.  

Now we are going to finish it design wise and bring it in production. and off course we have a matching Fuel  map for it. I also made a soundclip. In real live the sound is deeper and darker i think.


AS you can see there is NO Torque Drop in the almost complete RPM Range which is awesome.

I post a better sheet later.


And a little soundclip:


The first Batch is coming in after building our Torque Hammer to our specifications for a good Sound, Low end Torque Lot's of Mid-Range Torque and Top End HP

BE patienced. We will test it and show pics off install and make a new tune for so you can update your ECM.


19-5-2015 More progress

Oke some time to finish the testing for the last prototype all is good now.

This is the final model after welding some different sizes and lenghts the fitting is going to be more under the bioke and deeper (so THIS IS PROTOTYPE)



We also did some sound test from the same distanmce as all our sound test are done



The sound si very deep and dark, you cannot try to film it with a mobile phone like we did it's just to give you a idea.


Without DB-KILLER when idle it makes between 77-78 DB (C)



With DB-KILLER it makes between 75-77 DB(C)


We also made a sound clip. The sound is very deep and dark. The mobile phone we used is not represantative for the sound, we just love it. Not even 100 DB(A)


Update 20-5-2015


New soundclip at 5000 RPM. not bad at all 100DB without db-killer

Product can be FOUND HERE


Update 11-6-2015 Doing the latest aligning work before we make the welding mold:







update 22/6/2015

Buell 1125R and 1125CR Torque Hammer exhaust ready for production

welding moulds are ready now and going in production now. The problem was getting all lined up propper and creating enough space for good high speed cornering. Also making it asy to fit at home. 

First exhaust will arrive today

you can find the torque hammer 2 exhaust here

Update 17-6-2015:

Our stage 1 kit complete is now online


Update 18-7-2015


The first experoences are really good. P{eople love the exhaust the sound the liniair power and the wheelys

Customer from USA after first test ride commented

The very 1st thing I noticed was throttle response. It was no longer sluggish, and was very crisp. Next was the tq from the whole setup (intake stacks, and torque hammer and tune.) Having some fun on the throttle, it wheel comes up very easily now, all the way into 3rd. Going to be swapping spark plugs very soon. The exhaust sounds awazing, and I have even removed the DB killer yet. I'm pretty happy with my overall experience with Dris Hammadi and Twin Motorcycles Buell Support forever. That's for sure lol


And the experience from the track: 

Some more news about the performance of the exhaust from the track last Sunday 

Yesterday I took the bike to a track day event at Palm Beach international Raceway. The system performed really well. During the first two sessions I felt a couple "hiccups" when accelerating out of corners but that went away. The bike had great response and power was always readily available. I felt like I could power out of the corners quite well and that it was steady up to the rev limiter. I also really like the sounds and received several compliments about how good the system looks. 

I'm really happy with the performance, sound and the look of the system. Again the system and map worked great. At the track I could feel better acceleration out of the corners and I was able to reach higher top speeds because of it and decrease my lap times by at least a second.


Update Twin Motorcycles France:

Our Colleque in France also mounted and tested the Torque Hammer on there demo bike




UPDATE 8-6-2017 !!

we have noticed that the current body could not stand up to the punishing exhaust pulse off the 1125 at full power with the use off the Db insert to much pressure and heat.  We changed the design and selected a steel outer bodie shell that can take the punishment and can be used with DB insert

we are very happy with the outcome, if you have any questions please email to