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Turbo XB12 18PSI target HP 180-200HP

17-8-2013 - Helping a customer with a tuning problem

Sometimes we see project coming by and we just love it. This is one of these projects. We are helping this customer for free with a remote tune because we liked this project so much. He runs a 2007 Buell XB12S Turbocharged. The target is 180-200 HP. I am goint to program this project with the stock ECM. 

Here is his configuration:
3.563 Iron Lined Aluminum Cylinders, .0045 of clearance
Custom Pistons For turbo application
Loweredring pack, thermal barrier coating,9.5:1CR
1.850 Intake 5/164.444 
1.615 Exhaust 5/16 4.531 
5/16 +.001 Intake Valve Guide 
5/16 +.001 Exhaust Valve Guide 
5/16 Valve Guide Seal
650 Lift Spring 1550  165/465 
600/650 Titanium Retainer 
Valve Spring Kit 650 Lift 5/16
08' XB12 CrankShaft Assembly with Carrillo H-BeamRods, 1.5 CrankPin
Turbocharged with Garrett GT2252
Target PSI:18
Target HP 180-200
We have not build the engine or supplied the parts. This is all done by the customer. We only help in this project to get the fuel right for this application. Soon more pictures also more detailed info about the build.