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Twin Motorcycles started a company in the USA

1-8-2015 - 15-8-2012 - Tiwn Motorcycles USA is a fact of august 2012


Twin Motorcycles started a new company in the USA for different reasons. In the above paper, you can see the Incorporation is a fact as from 6-8-2012. After a long Search we found TEXAS the state to do this. The location of Twin Motorcycles will be somewhere between, San Antonio, Austin and Dallas. It is friendly for foreign investors and for small company start-ups. We will start developing parts in the first year and get the logistics up and running to lower the shipping cost. After that we will take production from Europe over to the USA and start producing more parts in the USA. When all is going as planned, we will open a shop and start also doing maintenance and support on the bikes and tuning them.

We are now busy with looking for a location to start small. After that we will move that location to a bigger area and bring all together in 1 location. Dris will move to the USA to do the startup and take care that the company is setup the right way.

If people or company's/dealers/distributors have questions please send a e-mail to dris@twinmotorcycles.

We will use this topic to store all the data about the startup.


Update 19-8-2012:

We send out the e-mail below to all our customers.

Twin Motorcycles has very exciting news that it likes to share with you . We establish a business in the USA 2 weeks ago.

The location will be in the state TEXAS. We are looking for a location between Dallas, Austin and San Antonio.

First we start our Parts Production that we run in Europe now in Texas. All new products will be developed in Texas when we have moved over.

This will take a lot of time, also because we need to find new production companies and when that is all done, we bring our production to Texas.

We start a new distribution system in the USA. Shipping cost will be a lot cheaper now for USA customers.

Then we bring our new production for parts over to the USA and When all is going as plan, we open a workshop for maintenance and tuning of the Buell's.

Our location in the Netherlands with the workshop and the people working there stay there. Martin will run this Business and Dris will take care off the

USA Business and setting up the company. The service will stay the same and all orders will go through the same website.

We just like to let you know we keep developing parts for you to keep your Buell on the road.

More progress later. The progress can be followed HERE.


Update 9-9-2012:

New Mail Send to all our relations Dealers, Resellers and cutomers.

We send you this short message to keep you up to date about opening a second Twin Motorcycles company in the USA.

A lot of questions came to us Like:


- What happens with Twin Motorcycles in the Netherlands is the complete company going to close down.

- What is the reason you move to the USA, and who is going.

- What is the location you will be opening and when.


I try to give you a few answers to these questions.


Twin Motorcycles in The Netherlands, will stay as it is. It will keep doing engine builds, maintenance and parts supplying for the European Market. There is no change in people, or opening hours, all will stay the same.


We keep delivering the same service as you where all getting already from us.


The main reason we move to the USA is parts development. We are the only company in the world that is developing OEM replacement parts. Our main focus is to make the maintenance parts for your Buell first, cause that will be the biggest problem in 7 years. Especially for the Old Tuber Buell’s.


Then the Logistics. Shipping parts locally in the USA is way cheaper then from Europe and way easier to track and trace.


Our Location will start in MedinaTexas. The first year when Dris is over, will be fully dedicated to setup the logistics and take care of the parts development. As we keep you all posted about the progress, you will hear from time to time what we are doing and how we are doing. So there will be NO maintenance work done.


In the location in the Netherlands we have a new colleague from January 2013 in the Parts and Shipping Department to take care of you.

If people still have specific questions, please send a e-mail to


Update 3-10-2012:

Twin Motorcycles made a choise to sell there products to a dealer network in the USA These dealers can wrench on your Buell and can get you the parts you need for your bike.

We are moving forward in the USA and signed up our first Buell dealer in Forth Worth TEXAS, that can help you getting the parts you need for your bike.

We keep developing parts to keep your bike on the road and work hard t...

o get at least 1 dealer in every state to help you.

You can find a dealer list here: CLICK HERE


We are working hard also for the USA to implement a big payment system