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Mounting instructions Buell S1,S3,M2,Torque Hammer

26-7-2012 - This is the guide to use when installing our Torque Hammer exhaust on your Buell S1, S3, M2, S3 model

Twin Motorcycles Mounting manual for mounting the 2 inch and the 2,5 inch Twin Motorcycles Torque Hammer slip-on exhaust
For all the Buell X1, M2, S3, S1 models from 1996 and up with a 2 inch or 2,5 inch header connection.
Tools needed;
Rear stand , or a way to securely let your bike stand up staid
Jack, scissor lift, mini lift or hoise , to relieve the weight off the bike from the rear shock absorber
Size 1/2 socket and spanner ( rear exhaust hanger and header nuts )
Size 9/16 socket and spanner ( front shock absorber mount )
Size 3/16 hex key ( regulator mounting bolts )
Size 5/32 or 4 mm hex key ( regulator bracket mounting bolts )
Size 5 mm hex key ( rear exhaust strap )
Size 6 mm hex key ( front exhaust pipe flange )
Size 10 mm socket or spanner ( rear exhaust hanger bolts , front exhaust hanger bolts ) 
Size 7/16 socket or spanner ( oem regulator bracket mounting nut )
Size 8 mm spanner / socket ( Db killer )
Make sure you bike is standing secure and cannot fall over, Do this by using a rear paddock stand or front wheel chuck with pull down straps
Remove the original exhaust and the chin spoiler, for easy mounting.
Remove the existing rear exhaust bracket,
Remove the 2 mounting bolts for the front mounted regulator ( not necessary for the older models )
Remove the nut from the regulator bracket connected to the front exhaust hanger, and turn loose the regulator bracket mounting bolt to the front shock mount
Place jack or mini lift under the rear mounting point off the rear shock absorber or hang the bike in a hoist
Relieving the weight off the bike from the rear shock absorber,
Loosen the front exhaust hanger bolt and nuts ( also front shock absorber mount ) remove the nuts , and check if you can easily turn the bolts , as a indication the weight is off the front shock absorber mount 
If the bolts are turning hard, please adjust the jack / mini lift to ensure the bolt can be removed easy without using force.
Pull out the 2 long bolts for the front shock absorber mount, and take off the front exhaust hanger and discard this
Take the new stainless front exhaust hanger and mount this back on the bike,
using the 2 long front shock mount bolts , please check the orientation of the front exhaust hanger
( the little hole should be low )
Tighten the front shock mount bolts to specification ( 40-44 NM , 30-33 ft/lbs )
You can now remove safely the jack,
Use the m6 long screw and mount this thought the regulator bracket and the hole in the front exhaust hanger , use the M6 lock washer and nut to tighten it ( 10 Nm max )
Tighten the right regulator bracket, and mount back the regulator
Assemble the exhaust connecting pipe to the muffler body using the flange and the 4 M8 screws,
do not tighten these M8 screws fully , so the exhaust connecting pipe can be turned by hand,
Assemble the front spring mounting point, take the 2 M6 screws and place a nut on each.
Place the screws in the m6 treated holes and tightenthe nuts to the front exhaust flange
leaving enough space for the springs to be mounted with a little play, place the 2 springs on the mounting screws
Place exhaust connecting pipe clamp over the pipe, the pipe is a tight fit , so cleaning the header end from rust and a little wd 40 on there will ensure the pipe will slip on easy
Slip on the exhaust assembly on the header, line out the exhaust with clearance to the primary chain tensioner bolt.
Assemble the rear exhaust hanger on the exhaust, please see the picture for the right way and orientation off the brackets and strap . do not tighten the 3 hex socket bolt fully yet
Check if the 2 mounting rear brackets line out with the holes, if too much tension is needed.
please loosen the header bolts a little to relieve some tension
To achieve this. The complete system should be mounted without any tension.
Place the rear mounting strap on the exhaust using the long M6 bolts, be sure to use the washers under the screw heads and under the nuts
Put the right front exhaust spring over the screw, and turn on the long nut, take the short m6 screw on the left exhaust spring and screw this on the long nut , tighten these to each other making sure the spring eyelets can move free with little clearance, there should be a little bit off tension on the springs
Tighten the muffler flange M8 screw , and check the alignment off the exhaust , making sure the exhaust has enough clearance by turning the muffler body a little
Tighten the rear exhaust hanger M6 long bolts ( max 10 NM ) and tighten the rear hanger mounting bolts ( from original exhaust hanger max 13 NM )
Tighten the exhaust connecting pipe clamp, max 13 Nm, and tighten the header bolts if loosened
Remove the Db killer by unscrewing the little bolt, taking out the triangle filler piece first, than you can pull out the Db eater
For most country’s it is not necessary to use it. You can carry it with you in case a copper says something about the sound.
We still believe it is not too loud to use without and it makes brilliant power.
Mount back the chin spoilers if you removed it. Start the bike and check the connections for leaks,
let it warm up and take your bike for a test ride and check all bolt’s and screws afterwards if they are still fastened.
Drive save and naked and have fun.