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Tuning a 2008-2009 XB9 With our stage 1 Kit

18-5-2013 - This article is all about tuning a 2008 and 2009 model XB9 with Our Stage 1 Kit. This is with the new Model Torque Hammer, that is a little different then the old Model.

This article is all about tuning a 2008 and 2009 model XB9 with Our Stage 1 Kit.

for my French customers ALL DATA IS RWHP, Rear wheel Horsepower SAE CORRECTED that is the power on the rear wheel. add 10% to get cranck HP (-:, International we use SAE for correction not DIN.

The Twin Motorcycles Stage 1 Kit contains:

- K&N airfilter

- Torque Hammer exhaust

- Reflash of the stock ECM


I have the bike in for swapping the old style torque Hammer for the new model and on the dyno to make the fuelmap for it. And mounting the black headers with the black ceramic coated Torque Hammer exhaust.

When we make a fuelmap we always mount our own headers as you can see on the picture below these are stock headers with our

Wide Band 02 sensors connected for adjusting the Fuel on every TPS Position, and making the timing map.

And below you can see our test Torque Hammer exhaust mounted on the stock Headers.


Below you see a dynograph of a stock XB9 i made before. This bike is off the showroom bone stock, exhaust, stock filter stock ECM.


The bike makes in the sheet above completly stock on my dyno 62.2 HP and 75 NM (63 PS and 55 lb-ft) of Torque that is not much.

Below is the dyno chart after we mounted the Torque Hammer, K&N filter and i tuned the ECM on WOT for this setup:


The Bike now makes 80,5 HP and 86 NM (81.5 PS and 64 ft-lb) of Torque, that is a very big gain. We made with our stage 1 Kit a gain off

18.3 HP and 11 NM of Torque (18.55 PS and 8.1 LB-FT) .

In the sheet below you can see the difference:


Tomorrow i will play a little more if there are any interesting gains i post them later. I will also shopw what happends when you

mount big headers on the XB9 the stock headers of the XB9 and show what happends.

This complete kit can be purchased here:


Update 4-3-2011:

I finished the fuelmap 4 days of work (-:

The bike makes 82.4 HP and 88 NM of Torque (83.51 PS and 64.88 FT-LB) stock it made 62.2 HP and 75 NM (63 PS and 55 lb-ft)

That is a gain of 20.2 HP and 13 NM (10.34 PS and 9.62 ft-lb)  

Below is the final dyno and the dyno with the stock bike.



To get a feeling how it is compared to other exhaust systems I also show down a compare with the Free Spirits model 408 (also no catalyc convertor and no TUV) both exhaust are for the stock headers and are completly tuned.

The blue line is the free Spirits and the Red one is our Stage 1 KIT for the XB9 2008-2009 model.



Because of the bore and stroke and the way we developed this exhaust system, it looks like if there is something wrong at 4000 RPM.

That is a caracteristic because our choise is to get a lot of Torque at 3500 RPM (that is a rpm range where you ride the bike the most and it needs to be strong) and at high RPM good HP when you open the throttle.

In the sheet below you see what happends at 50% throttle at 3500 RPM (-: Look at the amount of Torque at 3500 RPM really nice.

This is what we call the caracter of our stage 1 KIT. A lot of Torque at low RPM and Good HP number at high RPM.



The kit is complete, we do online ECM programming, or you can send us your ECM. For online programming you need this cable.

The bike needs to be connected with a PC or labtop with normal internet connection and a battery charger.

Now the bike go's off the Dyno and we are going to mount the XB12 Big Headers and tune the bike.  


Finished XB9 2009 model with Big headers

77HP and 77 NM of Torque SAE corrected on the rear wheel