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History of Erik Buell Uncut version

9-12-2010 - Here is a nice intervieuw with Erik Buell, This is the uncut version.

BUELL 2009:


From the RW750 until the 1125R, Have fun....


And a Nice one for the Tube lovers...


By the Numbers: The End of Buell

From the May, 2010 issue of Motorcyclist
By Aaron Frank
Photography by Aaron Frank
Buell Motorcycle Front Right Side View
1983Erik Buell founds the Buell Motor Company. The first production model is the RW750 two-stroke roadracer. Only one is sold.
1993Buell partners with Harley-Davidson. Buell Motorcycles, a wholly owned subsidiary of The Motor Company, is formed 10 years later in 2003.
10/30/09Date the final Buell Motorcycle, a Lightning XB12Scg, rolls off the East Troy, Wisconsin, assembly line.
136,923Total Buell production over the company's 26-year history.
2Percentage share of the total sportbike market held by Buell in '08.
190Number of Buell employees let go at the time of the factory's closure.
6Number of employees at the newly formed Erik Buell Racing.
2Number of motorcycles sold, at press time, by Erik Buell Racing. Both were 185-bhp 1190RR superbikes, sold to the Pegasus race team to compete in the European Sound of Thunder series.
$7995MSRP of a brand-new, race-only Buell 1125R track bike from Erik Buell Racing.
$5000Cash rebate H-D reportedly paid its dealers for each Buell motorcycle sold after it announced the brand would be discontinued. This led some dealers to slash prices as low as $5995 for brand-new 1125R and CR models
$125.8Losses, in millions, resulting from costs related to Harley-Davidson's decision to discontinue operation of its Buell and MV Agusta subsidiaries.
30Length, in days, of the Buell Motorcycle factory liquidation sale.
2-1-11Date Erik Buell's non-compete clause with H-D expires, freeing him to potentially apply his engineering talents to another motorcycle line.