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Team Hero-EBR To Make International Race Debut!

14-2-2014 - Team Hero-EBR To Make International Race Debut!

News has just come in that the International Motorcycling Federation has confirmed that Erik Buell Racing has met the required level of production to meet homologation requirements to compete in the 2014 World Superbike Championship. EBR racers Geoff May and Aaron Yates have already been listed on the WSBK provisional entry chart, but the announcement offers the first official confirmation.

Hero will be expanding its Moto GP plans

Homologation is the approval process of a given a vehicle, race track or standardised part must go through to race in a given series. The regulations and rules that must be met are generally set by the governing body of that race. To put it simply, a manufacturer has to have a minimum number of vehicles being produced for sale. The brand cannot be restricted to only racing and needs to have models on which the racing editions are based.


Under current rules, manufacturers must produce a minimum of 125 units produced for an initial homologation inspection to be eligible for the first race of the season. That number increases to 500 units by June 30 of the current year, 1,000 units by the end of the current year and 2,000 units by the end of the following year. Team Hero EBR will make its official international racing debut on Feb. 16th 2014. The WSBK tests will be held at the Phillip Island circuit and move to the Australian circuit for the Feb. 23 season opener.


Erik Buell Racing is a relatively unheard of name in India until recent times. After all, the first names that come to most minds when you use the word superbike, would be Suzuki, Honda or Yamaha among others. At least in India. However, EBR’s name has gained quite the boost. When a collaboration with a mass motorcycle maker like Hero results in designs and engines that create motorcycles like the HX 250 or Hastur, you have to appreciate how good EBR’s indigenous line up is.




The American performance bike  maker showcased its models at the 2014 Delhi Auto Expo. On display were the 1190 RX that pumps out 185 hp of power and 137.8 Nm of torque and the EBR 1190 RS that pumps out 175 hp of power and 131 Nm of torque. The 1190 RX costs $ 18,995 ( Nearly Rs 12 lakh) while the RS costs a whopping  $41995 (Over Rs 26 lakh) as it is a limited edition.