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TM 1125 superstock 1000 cup race 7, 8 & 9

9-11-2011 - Itâ_Ts bin a while, so busy in the shop , holidays , racing My little report from race 7, 8 and 9

Results Race 7,  1 august  2009,


1e training 4e time 1:50,674 sec

2e training  4e time  1:50,720 sec

Nice place to start the race with.


Running Pirelli Supercorsa for the first time

As usual the front runners quickly made a gap, the race was good,

Ed finished 5e place  



Result race 8, 12 September 2009,


We lengthened the wheel base for this race with 3,5 cm ( longer chain, and 47t rear sprocket )

First at first we lengthened the rear shock 1mm , to compensate the longer wheel base, but this didn’t cut it, so we shortened it with -/- 2 mm ( minus 1 mm from the original setting )

Who.. Ed was flying , as I had a feeling he was fast, because normally he did not hit the ref. limiter just a little at the end off the strayed  , now he was, so rushed in to look at the official time board.  YEAH BABY 1;49,677   first time below the magical 1;50 this was becoming a psychological barrier, 

Ed came in and he was really happy with the setup, he felt like the bike was riding on bought wheel now, knee down, too toughing and very comfortly  a little slide on front and back tyre , very good feeling. And the feeling it could go faster Yes..


We started the race 6e place.

Ed drove very good, and fast making 1;49s in the race as well

And was battleling with Ronald Lorenz for 6e place, but those  1L 4IL bike carry so much end power that it was a overtaking game, Ed braking very very late and cornering faster and faster to make a gap to hold on the stayed , but it did not matter

We finished 7e place


foto credits Heropstapper


foto credits Heropstapper


foto credits Heropstapper


 Niels ( Acumen ) made some nice pictures


Foto credits Acuman ( Niels )





Race 9, 2 October 2009 final race this year.


Early morning travelled to Assen for this 1 day race, normally we have a training day before the race day,

Rain was predicted all week, so we felt lucky, finally a change for us to make the podium, because rain is a thing Ed likes, and levels out any power sur plus and it comes down to the bike handling and riders capability.


First training Full wet setup,

We left the rear shock still a little on the hard side,

GG, that is what I mean by Ed can ride , as he drove the 2e training time

But the rain stopped. and the waiting game started.. what to do, wet , semi, dry ?

We gambled Full wet for the 2e training, wrong guess.. until lap 6/ 7  we where still 2e but the track drayed out very fast, and our tyres where shot , So Ed came in..and I could see times going down one second with ever lap,  Dham… ended up 7e place on the grid



result 1e training


result 2e traning


Now the waiting game really began,

One set full wet’s  and one set dry tyres where ready to mount,

Looking on internet for the rain radar and forecast, checking the track

One hour for the race we switched the rear soft wet for a hard wet.. what to do, what to do…

Half hour for the race, Wet was almost in the bike… still we waited.. the track was drying very fast, and starting now on wet’s was a very big gamble, and we would need  rain fast

So we decided to go for dry , because the sky was still clearing , there was a dark sky at the horizon, but all signs where to go for dry.. was track still a little wet but drying fast


Ed made a fabulous start , from 7e to 4e place before the first corner, but still on the damp track, you can only loose in the first corner so Ed took it easy, and waited for the track to dry out.. 15e after the first lap..

After lap 3 Ed was getting on speed, and drove like the devil him self was on his tail

And was making up ground as he was moving on ( remind me to wire up the horn again ;-) )

He was flying thru the field,  very nice to see and hear the deep grunt off the 1125 taking over even taking over out side lines,  what the heck , braking later than ever,

Going it to the last lap 4e and but Ronald Lorenz rode on wet tyres and Ed could see him getting closer and closer sliding way to much in corners, Ed kick it up a notch

And finished 3e place Podium at last.. YEAHA Buell power, what a rush and I did not even drive, man what a good feeling

Ed thanks man, great job. ended up 7e place in the championship, not bad for a first year with a new bike.

Congratulations to Virgil-Amber Bloemhard for winning the race and the championship, you are very fast



the list


She looks very nice on that mat



Drum roll.. 3e place mister Ed van Weel...


Still a not sure ?


Group hug  from left to right Patrick van As, Virgil-Amber Bloemhard, Ed van Weel



blowing off steam




fuel cap is made for this...



Happy man walking


This winter striping the bike complete, take the engine apart and have a call around for some go faster parts, and some weight loosing modifications.


Thanks to Ed, Ed sr., Daan, Piet-Jan, Bruno, Wilco, Frans, Ivor, Frank, Bojan, the Ott family,  Henry ( who never got tired from our questions ) Roel and Jessica from Buell Europe ( for there very positive Buell racing effort in Holland ) , Robbert and Jean-Claude from central Veghel, for there help and support, and all the other race teams we felt right at home..

and not forget all the people and customers who came to watch and dropped by our pitbox, thanks, you know your always more than welcome  


see you next year on te track.


Bud ( Martin ) and Easy ( Dris )