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TM Buell 1125R in the Supercup 1000 race 3

2-6-2009 - The 3th race with our 1125R in the KNMV SuperCup 1000 race 3, 23-05-2009

This day a one day race,

So I left very early in the morning


note to self, clean windshield


We make some minor changes to the bike,

Adjusted the air chamber off the front fork , did never looked before, made te clip-on bars 1 cm longer.

We made the oil level 10 mm more to give some more progressive feeling while braking.


We made a little spoiler on the front fender to direct the air a little more to the intake ( thanks Joeri for the idea )



Our Glasfiber king, just in time , made the new seat , we did made the decision not to use it for this race, only 2 qualification sessions and than the race, to short to get a good feel for it and make little changes to make it perfect.




The weather was very nice,

So session one, no surprises there.. bike feels good, but needs to be pushed hard, riding on the limit of the traction, front brake / fork feels a lot better now.


what to do,


Session 2 new tyres, new brake pads,

Bike feels good, we made a little bump in the seat just hold the Ed better on his place while accelerating out off the corner, works very good, no more cramping wrists to hold on.

But still riding on the very limit off the tyres , the BT-003’s sliding front and rear in and out corners.

And it hard to keep the bike in the 1.51 laps.



So what where going to do about that, radical change the suspension ?

Well we could try a other brand off tyres,  so we fitted a set off metzeler racetechs

And we will see..


We started the race from the midfield,  Ed needed to take a lot off riders , but start went well.

And soon he had a good race pace, Whoo.. first lap on speed 1.50. yeahaa  , I was beginning to smile again.. yes yes.. finally some progression , after struggling to make the bike faster.

Ed was riding his pants off.. yes

Overtook rider after rider, ending up to battle for 5e place , but every lap was in the 1.50, with a fastest lap 1.50.2 

Going in the last lap on 6e place, he cornered faster, yes 5e place,

Fingers crossed he could keep the 5e place going on the straid , the Suzuki has better top speed, it was a battle to the finish but , and finished 6e  

Ed was very happy, the bike felt really good, and he did feel he could do a other 10 laps.

Me I was very happy as well 1.50’s all around.. next race into the 49’s   

the gap to the front runners is stil there, but where getting faster all the time :-)






our pitbox mate Piet-Jan Zeelenberg became 3e in the supercup 600 .. yeah



Ed with Piet-Jan