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TM Buell 1125R Ducati Club Race 2009 race 2

9-11-2011 - 1,2 & 3 mei 2009 Yes Ducati club race time, one off the nicest race event for the Twin Lover

My little report off the weekend,




With riders


Saterday evening.. cornering speed discussion ? ;-)




Only the first two row's had a umbrella gril



JC and Ronnie  foto credits Sjaak



Ed on Speed    foto credits Acumen


foto credits Acumen

Start first race


Start second race


The team


Ed van Weel on speed


One off the more exotic bike’s in the pit


Tuesday afternoon , the van was loaded again,  racing time


The DCR is always fun, crowded pitbox, lost off folk having a look, and all 2 cylinder lovers


We shared the Pit box again with the other team from Make a Whish foundation , although most off theme ride a Ducati , there nice folk ;)


Surprise for Ed, he received  custom made new  race leathers ( Thanks Roel ) ,  after a few laps in the new leathers he did changed back to his old stuff, the knees where a little to wide, so the knee slider moved to much when toughing down,  a little remake by the tailor will fix this.


Jean-Claude showing the new Leathers


Training started out very good,  we made some small changes to the bike , fitted a Double Bubble screen , adjustable clip-on , longer gearshift peg,  leaned out he FI , changed oil ect.

Only very little debris in the old oil, and most off theme are from the gearbox , very good 



no coment ...  ;-)


Training on Friday went well, still trying a lot off thing, because the bike still need a lot off force to turn over form left to right,

So made the rear shock longer shorter again, made the front lower and higher again,

we fixed the wobbly rear end while braking, just a little more pretension on the rear spring is what it needed.

1.52’s where pushed out on a regular base,  





dubble bubble is the way


Training/ qualification on Saturday,

Changed the brake pads, and made a lot off seat time, Stomp grip was mounted, who That’s nice, Ed came in after the first session..

1.51 yes..

Still 4 seconds to slow to compete with the factory 1098R race Ducati,

we qualified 14e place on the grid .

But where making progress, Assen is not a Buell Track, but we can do better.



JC going out for a pratice session


Bas Leek was making his last PB to a steady lap time.. yeah Bas

Jean-Claude finally getting used to the 1125 , still being used to his Ducati,  and for the first time he had the feeling he could toss and turn with the bike, the lap times where not great but there was so much traffic in the last training session.



The evidence



Dutch Buell Forum supporters



Sunday / Race day

Race one.



Bas Leek on his 1125


Wet dry, what is it going to be, the radar image was showing rain at the high point off our race, so we set the bike for full wet with the soft compound.

With the start it was still a little to dry for the soft rain tyre.. fingers crossed..

After 5 laps Ed was already in the top 10, and the rain came, Ed is a good rain rider 

And every lap he picked up more speed,  8 place, 6e , Ed sr. and me where nodding to each other, with a unmistaken grin on our faces,  a gap to the front runners, going in to  the last Lap as 5e,  it was a good battle for 4e place , Ed did over take him at the Haar corner, but on the long Strubben the Ducati carried more speed , just before the Last corner on Assen The GT corner, Ed braked very late and  hold better line before the GT, Buell power was all it needed accelerating  out the corner, the Ducati rider tried to follow but was way to fast on the throttle and lost grip and crashed, ( luckily he was ok )

So we became 4e , with the 3e fastest race time .. WHoWHo I was happy a dog with to 2.. well you know what





Congratulation to Julius Ilmberger who Became 2e with his 1125 . way to go Julius

So Two 1125 on the first 4 places in the sound off thunder race 


Julius Ilmberger on his 1125R


Second race,

The waiting game was on again.. wet, dry what is it going to be..

We left the bike in Wet setup..

The call was made in the last 5 is going to be a dry race..

So stress… changed the Wheels , adjusted the suspension and where just in time for the warm up lap

Race went well, but could not do any magic.. training time for 14e place and we finished 13e place right where be belong at the moment.., I felt a little down with this result, but he fair is fair, we still need to have a lot off seat time, perfecting the bike.. 

Julius became 7e , good Job..

All in all a nice weekend,




Tanks to the Ducracing team, special thanks to Michiel for the fried eggs in the morning

The Buellforum gang  Bas and JC for the support and company

And of course Ed, Ed sr. and Daan


It was my pleasure

Gr, bud



All the 'Make a Wish 'bikes on the pitlane