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Twin Motorcycles support Buell Racer Joel Spalding

4-11-2008 - Twin Motorcycles support Buell Racer Joel Spalding with a fuel map for his Buell 1125R Racer.

Here is the story of Joel from Badweb.


Dris at Twin Motorcycles built a custom map for my 1125R to race at Daytona. It was stock except for a K & N filter and Saron slip-on exhaust. While I never had it on the dyno I can tell you it was way faster than a stock 1125R. While leaving the infield heading for the first high banking it was spinning up at about 70 mph.

We got a 3rd place in the Supertwins race only beaten by a very developed 1098 and second place went to a 1098S which drafted by with only 50 yards to the finish line.

The fueling was perfect at all rpms and throttle positions. The bike surprised me at how fast it was. I was able to get in the draft of the 1098s then pull up next to them but not pass them. I would close on the infield then keep up in the draft. Not bad for a bike with a filter and slip-on.

The bike also had great midrange which allowed me to get the hole shot in the Supertwins race.

Also got 4th in Heavyweight Superbike. I started at the back of the grid of 20 riders because I had no points in this class. The torque helped get a great launch and I passed 7 bikes by turn 1 and 3 more before the high banking. All captured on film by Buell's on-board camera from their documentary crew.

Looking at the lap times, the bike and I had a second place finish in us but we started too far back to get to the leaders but I was closing in on the last podium position. Just needed one more lap.

The bike actually had more potential but this was the first time I was on it and was still getting used to it. Had I had a couple more race weekends to get used to the bike and sort the suspension it could have been even better.

If you are thinking about some tuning give Dris at Twin Motorcycles a call. You can't go wrong.

Total Weekend

Thunderbike - 1st
SuperTwins - 3rd
Heavyweight Superbike - 4th
ASRA Pro - 7th(blew header off on first lap and lost power)

Thanks for the support.

Joel Spalding

And a new message with the pictures:


Thanks again for the fuel map for the 1125R. It’s fueling was perfect at all rpms and the power was very strong. The torque curve was one of the best I have ever raced with. Anyone thinking about a custom map would be wise to contact Twin Motorcycles.