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EBR 1190RS Set new Lap Record

1-7-2014 - New Lap Record on EBR 1190RS at Homestead Miami Speedway

Geoff May (99) in action on his EBR 1190RS at Homestead-Miami Speedway.
Photo by Lisa Theobald, courtesy of CCS Florida.
May Breaks Record at Homestead-Miami Speedway
CCS Florida - Homestead-Miami Speedway
December 4, 2011
by Lisa Theobald

Geoff May won the Unlimited Grand Prix race during the CCS Florida regionâ??s season finale at Homestead-Miami Speedway and set a new track record with his EBR 1190RS. May first broke the track record during a practice session and then several more times during the Unlimited Superbike race.

May led the Unlimited Grand Prix race from start to finish, widening the gap on the rest of the field with each completed lap. Behind him, Santiago Villa and Cory West battled for second place with Villa maintaining the advantage. It was during the second lap of the Unlimited Grand Prix race that May turned his fastest time of the day, 1:23.131, setting a new record and unseating Jeff Woodâ??s two-year standing, best time of 1:23.556. May was a four-year lap record holder at Homestead-Miami Speedway from 2004 until 2008, when Jeff Wood beat his 1:24.373 lap time.

After the race, May exclaimed, â??I just had a ball down here! I love coming to Florida and racing with CCS. Itâ??s a top notch group. I really enjoyed seeing all the fans out here. You guys made me want to push harder and go harder and put on a really good show for you. It means a lot to see all you guys out here rooting us on and itâ??s really cool.â?

He went on to thank the new class sponsor, Gables Motorsports, and Henry DeGouw for â??putting on a top notch show. You know how to do racing,â? he stated. â??I really want to thank Gables Motorsports for putting up the purse and giving something back to racing when everybody else is going down. You guys are doing what needs to be done for the sport, and I think itâ??s going to thrive here in Florida.â?

Looking forward to the 2012 AMA season and the announcement of the introduction of the Big Kahuna Miami addition to the schedule, May stated, â??I was having a good time and having fun. We came down here to do our homework for the AMA round and test a few tires from Dunlop that will be coming out soon. And, I was really impressed. They had some really good stuff that we tried from Buffalo, NY instead of the UK. We got a chance to put the bike through itâ??s paces. Iâ??m really looking forward to next season.â?

May added, â??I want to thank Erik Buell. I plan to be with him and the EBR for a really long time. I just signed a multi-year deal, so Iâ??m really looking forward to the future and what America can do with American-made sportbikes. Itâ??s really going to be exciting over the next five years with all the new stuff coming out. I think we made everybody take note here this weekend. Itâ??s a real deal motorcycle! Itâ??s not the Buell of the past.â?

UNLIMITED GRAND PRIX RESULTS: 1. Geoff May (EBR 1190RS); 2. Santiago Villa (Suz GSX-R1000); 3. Cory West (Suz GSX-R1000); 4. Jeff Lampe (Kaw ZX-10R); 5. Benny Solis, Jr. (Suz GSX-R600); 6. Felipe MacLean (Kaw ZX-10R); 7. Jake Lewis (Suz GSX-R600); 8. Stephan Bodedi (Yam YZF-R1); 9. Ken Wilson (Yam YZF-R1); 10. Eric Haugo (Suz GSX-R1000).