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Install Manual TM rear Shock Tube frame Buell

28-4-2020 - Mounting tips how to Mount the Twin Motorcycles Shock absorber for your Tube frame Buell X1, S1, M2 S3 and S2

Mounting tips how to Mount the Twin Motorcycles Shock absorber for your Tube frame Buell X1, S1, M2 S3 and S2


Tools needed:

Flat tip screw driver ( strap canister old shock absorber )

Spanner 7/16 ( clamp canister old shock absorber )

Spanner 19 mm ,  shock absorber mount nuts

Spanner 22 mm, locknut shock eye end

Hex drive / Allen key 10mm , shock absorber mount bolts

T27 key, for bikes with spoiler

3/16 allen key , for bikes with spoiler

1/4  allen key, for bikes with spoiler

C spanner , shock absorber spring pre load adjustment  ( comes with Shock absorber )

Tape measure and some masking tape

Jacks, hoist or  mini lift to lift the weight off the bike


Remove Spoiler if mounted on the bike



Remove Hose clamp and mounting clamp from the old shock absorber canister.






Place a piece off masking tape on tail section and swing arm,  and measure the ride height off the bike, note this down you need it later when you mount the new shock, so you have the same riding height.




Make sure the bike is secure so it is safe to take the weight off the rear shock absorber.

Use off a front wheel clamp and some strap downs is highly recommended to stabilize the bike. Use a hoist, jacks or mini lift ( see picture ) to lift the weight off the bike,




Unscrew the shock mounting nuts,  and feel if the bolts are loose, otherwise lower or raise the jack/ hoist/ mini lift so the bolts are free off tension and can be pulled out.

By pulling out the bolts, the shock should fall down





( Inspect the eye to eye length of the old shock absorber, and measure the Twin Motorcycles shock length, you can change the length +/- 5 mm MAXIMUM. ) We removed this option in a product update , for a Fixed eye for us a better and stronger shock



Mount the Twin Motorcycles shock absorber,  and put the bolts in and put the nuts on , don’t forget the washers and spoiler bracket if needed.



TQ front mounting bolt 66-71 NM ( 49-53 ft-lbs ) TQ on bolt side only

TQ rear mounting bolt 40-47 Nm ( 30-33 ft-lbs ) TQ on bolt side only   

Tighten lock nut shock eye.


You can now twist the shock so it is clear off the exhaust and engine.



Leave the jack/ hoist / mini lift under the bike this will make the preload adjustment easier

Take the C-spanner and adjust the spring preload by turning adjustment ring so the bike ride height equals the measurement you have taken. ( adjust with the wide nut )

Length off the spring will need to be about 150 mm

After adjusting the pre load tighten the narrow adjustment ring to lock the adjustment 



When adjusted remove jack/hoist / mini lift Twist the blue rebound adjuster so it is half way to 3/4 open  ( 25 to 30 clicks from closed ) , and test the suspension, the bike should come up in a fast and controlled manner.

Mount back the spoiler, And take bike for a ride, to adjust the rebound to your liking

The Spring pre load can be adjusted  heavier or lighter for your preference 


The shocks can be found on our website.




Warranty and return:

This Twin Motorcycles products are guarenteed against any manufacturing defects
for a period of five (5) year from the purchase date.
This warranty does not cover damages resulting from any of the following situations:
1- Incorrect fitment or use
2- Abuse of the products
3- Racing accidents
4- disassembly or modifications
5- Unautorized oil changes
6- Damage occuring during transportation

Twin Motorcycles offers a five (5) year warranty on all shocks that are serviced by an approved
centre. It is recommended that all Twin Motorcycles shocks comply with the service schedule outlined on the
unique service schedule card inlcuded with the original documentation.


Any given warranty will be void if the shock is serviced outside of an authorised service centre.
A list of authorisd service centre’s can be found at

Return Procedures


Always keep your invoice as proof of purchase and send a copy with all service or warranty returns.
Always mention that your shocks are sent for warranty repair on all shipping papers.

1- Fill in our warranty order form You can ask them by sending mail to

2- Carefully package your shock(s) to avoid damage during transportation.

Include a copy of your original invoice
A brief description of the problem
A return address for shipping and/or invoicing
3- Ship your shock

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