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Replacement TM front engine mount rubber XB

29-9-2022 - This is a guide to replace the Buell XB 9-12 2003-2010 front engine mount rubber for a Twin Motorcycles front engine rubber

download your manual here to see how to remove the front engine mount of the Bike

The tools needed to replace the rubber.

Important ! this is not for the 1e version of the front engine mount with the oval hole  and direct in the mount vulcaniced rubber !!


The tools needed


Clamp the engine mount in a vice, carefull not to damage it , or hold firmly in hand, destroy the left over rubber by drilling it


also from the other side 


so the center metal bushing is loose


and push the center out


now turn to the other side and bend the locking tabs back


and hammer de screw driver inbetween the steel bushing and aluminium mount, do not hack into the aluminium !


now you will feel the bushing come loose and tap it out



take attention to the direction of the rubber ! as the "point "should aim to the engine mount 


line up and use a big socket or some thing that can be used as press in helper to push the rubber in  it douse not need much force


set up in a vice , double check the direction of the rubber


and press it in 


you can center the rubber a little bit by hooking the screwdriver in the slots and twist it the mount  the red line should be about 90 deg to the base of the engine mount 


now bend the lock tabs over 

and take a drift to tap these further to be in the flat position of the engine mount 


for more information

engine rubber can be found here newrubberXBengine