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Developing a better frame puck For the Buell

2-6-2012 - This article is all about developing a better frame puck For the Buell XB and Buell 1125 models.

After seeing a lot of crashes from our customers, (we also do repair work)

we decided to develop a better frame puck then the Buell OEM version. We still see a lot of heavy damaged frames, when we think that with a different design inside the frame puck we can make the absorbtion of the impact better with les frame damage. We use a different material for the absorbtion of the impact and make the puck a little bigger in the same design. We are now making the mouldings first to fit the frame, keep you all informed.

This version will be for the long frames.


And this version will be for the short frames.


And the version for the Buell 1125R and the Buell 1125CR frame models.

The pictures above are just to make the inner moulding of the Frame puck for the 3 different frames Buell has for the Buell XB and 1125 models.

The outside material will be a polyethyleen based family product, with a thick slider area for crashes and a new foam inside for better absorbtion of the crash. Soon more pictures about the development.