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Replacement throttle shaft X1 , S3 and XB9 2003

22-8-2018 - instruction how to replace the throttle shaft on a Buell X1 1999-2002, Buell S3/T 1999-2002 and Buell XB9R/S 2003

We are very proud that we can offer another replacement part for the Buell family, as the complete throttle bodies have become obsolete for these models.. we can now offer a repair option, if you need help in mounting or you do not feel comfortable doing this , but have no trouble removing the throttle bodie ,  contact us , send it in and we will repair this for you 

Here is a short instruction how to remove and replace the shaft.

Remove the throttle body from the bike  ( please check your work shop manual if needed )

Remove the Throttle positioning sensor ( TPS )

You can remove or leave on the injectors + bracket , as i needed to drill the old screws out, and needed a firm hold on the throttle body , i removed the injectors with rail , screw on the rail is normally metric size

Unscrew the nut holding the throttle cam

Note the position of the spring

Take the cam of

And remove the seal on the shaft and nylon bushing

As we offered a good throttle body for testing, we needed to drill of bought screws, when replacing a broken shaft usually 1 or bought screws are loose, these are mechanically locked to prevent these from vibrating out. It is very hard to remove these , so careful drilling of the heads is a option

And bending open the shaft to free the butterfly plate

Clean and check the butterfly plate to make sure it is still flat, as even a slight bend in the plate will have effect in the opening and closing off the throttle

Removed the old shaft , remove the retaining ring, and the nylon shaft bearings

Cleaned and prepped for mounting

Nylon shaft bushings in, mount the retaining clip first and push in the shaft , you can use a little lubricant if needed.

Mount felt seal on the throttle cam side

Mount back the nylon bushing position the spring and push the cam on the shaft

And screw the throttle cam nut back on

Screw in the idle adjuster a little so you can mount the butterfly plate without the need to hold the throttle cam

Align the butterfly plate and mount the screws, i prefer to chemically lock these in place with locate, but you can do this by mechanical lock if you want to damage the treads sticking out after mounting

Turn of the idle adjuster and check if the throttle plate closes nice and fully in the hole, and tighten the screws, 

Mount back injector with rail and tps sensor, after mounting back the throttle body in the bike you will need to re-ad

just the tps setting

link to the trottle shaft in our webshop

don't forget to order intake seals 

how to set the TPS on your bike